With the dedication of our team, Farmer's Friend was successful in brining water to the Diambre community.


As we work on the development of our Agro Lab and Incubator Space, Farmer's Friend makes it a mission to prioritize providing the needs and resources of individuals in our community.

Research and Resources

Insights from Senegal

"In West Africa, agricultural production tends to fluctuate. This is because of the combined effect of several factors, including insufficient and irregular rainfall, poor or saline soils, low levels of inputs, and parasites. These present major challenges to the region’s food and nutritional security, the fight against rural poverty and the pursuit of sustainable agriculture."

Plant & Irrigation System

What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, is a transformative approach to industrial production that enables the creation of lighter, stronger parts and systems.


Using additive manufacturing applications for design and development of food and agricultural equipments

: Additive manufacturing (AM) plays a vital role in the globalised world as it provides innovative technologies to manufacture customised parts with different materials in different volumes. Food and agriculture sector needs extensive customisation towards designing and development of types of equipment. Through this paper, we are proposing an extensive usage of AM in these sectors. AM is capable for designing/production of customised/innovative food items such as coffee, pizza, burger, biscuits, cakes, chocolates and other everyday food items as per the required volume of ingredients, shape and colour. AM brings innovation in the agricultural sector, with its capability to produce customised physical models and making them directly for use onto the farms. It enables testing of obtained design towards flaws/productivity before the actual production of agricultural equipment in the factory. A farmer can be provided ergonomically useful and customised agricultural equipment as per the need of shape, size and design.

Int. J. Materials and Product Technology, Vol. 58, Nos. 2/3, 2019

Organic Vegetable Farm

FAO Regional Office for Africa

The Framework for Boosting Intra-African Trade (BIAT) in Agricultural Commodities and Services is a blueprint for expanding trade between African countries under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement and aims to unlock the potential of the agricultural sector to contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth for Africa.

Farming Leafy Greens

Our Team

Farmer's Friends


Maimouna Mbacke

Founding Friend

Since 2015, Maimouna has dove deeply into a variety of marketing and entrepreneurial ecosystems. From global luxury corporations to seed stage start ups. Her years of experience in these environments shaped her values in innovative solutions, and strategic planning. 
After diving into the entrepreneurial ecosystem. She knew the patterns of innovation and entrepreneurship were very much alive in her home country of Senegal, where innovative strategies were executed by her grandparents and community particularly in the Mouride brotherhood. These strategies were designed to ensure a smooth transition of leadership and of entrepreneurial resources such as agriculture resources and networks.


Scott Gillespie

Founding Friend

As Founder and Director of the Jigsaw Group, Scott and his export accelerator team, connect: founders, talent, customers, markets, and channels; with global opportunities. Jigsaw Group has delivered outcomes and programs, for a variety of entities. For universities, Scott has: forged market links for technology transfer offices, plus developed and delivered courses on: risk management, innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategic marketing, and helped establish research centers with global links and funding. For startups, Scott has architected mentoring programs for: new market entry, startup founders, women entrepreneurs, winners of startup competitions, growth (export) stage businesses, and angel investors.   Jigsaw Group has a keen interest in supporting not-for-profits including: Sydney Angels, INJAZ, and Yacht Aid Global (YAG) which transports education and medical supplies to disaster areas; using mega yachts. Scott has delivered outcomes and programs for government agencies from bootcamps in Tanzania and Jakarta; to entrepreneurship training in Saudi and Dubai; to incubator and accelerator support across the GCC and Australia. For corporates Scott has helped with top line growth like first 100 day roadmaps after private equity’ investment and new market development with regional headquarter establishment and skilling programs.

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